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Edutopia just released a list of staff favorite tech and learning examples, including magazine articles, videos, polls, and blogs.

What are your favorite examples/resources? Here are a few I came across in 2009:

-The History 2.0 Classroom by member Greg Kulowiec:
-Beth Still's class blog:
-Wikifying history project by member Clay Burell (see under Video tab above)
-Lunchtime leaders podcast by history teacher Paul Bogush of CT:
-Shakespeare's Henry IV wiki by MA English teacher:
-"History Facebook" by Burlington AP World History students:

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I liked this one on mappying

As well this site on justice.
Thanks. This is a cool site.
I like the History Facebook project. Cool idea.

I like wordle and glogster.  Both are easy and fun. I find creative ways to use both sites with my U.S. History and World Studies students.





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